07. March 2023

NeurotechEU open call for post-doctoral researchers Open call for post-doctoral researchers

NeurotechEU Postdoctoral grants will support 15 excellent postdoctoral researchers in the partner institutions of NeurotechEU

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Neurotechnology is believed to be of strategic importance for several challenges European society is facing, in particular in the domains of health and digital technologies. NeurotechEU is contributing to answering these challenges. The candidates selected for this grant will be linked to the European University Alliance for Brain and Technology or Neurotech. NeurotechEU envisions Neurotechnology as providing strategic bridges between various disciplines, including neuroscience, medicine, engineering, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, robotics, social sciences, and the humanities arranged along 8 dimensions.

Neurotechnology is based on an eight-dimensional space that defines the envelope of current and future research, education, and application of neurotechnology: 1) empirical and clinical neuroscience; 2) theoretical neuroscience; 3) neuromorphic computing; 4) neuromorphic control /neurorobotics; 5) neuroinformatics; 6) neuroprosthetics; 7) clinical neurotechnology; 8) neurometaphysics (neurophilosophy, neurolaw, neuroethics, neuroaesthetics, neurodesign).

In this context, we are seeking highly motivated and talented postdoctoral researchers to join the NeurotechEU alliance.


The selected candidates will have to spend a mutually agreed amount of their working time on content creation for NeurotechEU, e.g.:

50% of the working hours on a research project proposed by the candidate within the scope of neurotechnology
50% of the working hours on content creation for NeurotechEU pertaining to its course syllabus, road mapping, and/or working various white papers.


  • Ph.D. in Neurotechnology or related field
  • Strong research background in -at least- one of the 8 dimensions of Neurotechnology
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Strong problem-solving skills

We offer:
A competitive salary and the possibility to finance research cost associated with the research project proposed by the candidate.

The applicant should contact submissions@theneurotech.eu

  • Complete CV (ERC format)
  • Letter of presentation including host research institution selected
  • The names of 2 references
  • A 5 pages research project to be developed (ERC format) including: Clear and well-defined research question or hypothesis
    State-of-the-art analysis
  • Research methodology and work plan with timeline
  • Ethical considerations if applicable
  • Budget requested
  • A 2-5 pages of the content contributions envisaged to the 8 dimensions of NeurotechEU including:Content objectives
    Content index
  • Possible related research activities
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