29. June 2023

Your voice deserves to be heard. Join the NeurotechEU Student Council!

Do you want to get involved with NeurotechEU? Join the Student Council and make a difference!

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What is the NeurotechEU Student Council (NtSC)?

The NeurotechEU Student Council represents students’ opinions from all nine alliance universities across all academic levels of education. They aim to facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experiences, furthering the mission of NeurotechEU.

What does the Bonn Student Council do?

The Student Council representatives in Bonn attend regular meetings and act as ambassadors for NeurotechEU. Being involved in the organisation and realisation and of events, they gain first hands on experience in the field of science, university and event management. Together, they shape NeurotechEU’s content and gather intercultural competencies by connecting with students all over Europe.

How can you participate?

Any student at the University of Bonn working in the broad field of Neuroscience may be a member of the NtSC and participate in their meetings and activities. There is no formal membership application. 

The programs currently involved are as follows:

- BSc/MSc/doctorate Psychology
- MSc/doctorate Neuroscience
- BSc Molecular Biomedicine, MSc Biochemistry, MSc/doctorate Immunobiology


Carina Beuck (Scientific coordinator NeurotechEU)

 +49 228 73-7611


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