05. June 2024

NTEU Scholarship - Travel Grant NeurotechEU Travel Grant


We are pleased to offer a travel grant to enthusiastic researchers who wish to attend meetings and conferences in Germany and Europe. As mobility is an important part of NeurotechEU, we are happy to support young researchers.

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Eligibility criteria:

 Applications are invited from registered doctoral students or affiliated researchers at UBO.

 If you are a PhD-student, you must be enrolled as such at the University of Bonn at the time of application and for the entire duration of your planned stay.

 Official confirmation from the institution for which you are applying

 Priority will be given to those who apply for a grant to visit institutions abroad in order to learn new methods and/or work on a joint project.


 Required documents:

o CV

o Letter of motivation (max. half a page)

o Status of the University of Bonn

o Letter of invitation from the institution

Application deadlines in 2024

  • Projects starting between 01 August 2024 and 28 February 2025: 30 June 2024 (feedback by 31 July)
  • Projects starting between 01 March and 31 August 2025: 31 January 2025 (feedback by 28 February)
  • Projects starting between 01 September and 28 February 2026: 31 July 2026 (feedback until 31 August)

Funding for 2024

The travel grant is based on the distance between the two locations.

Please use this Distance Calculator.

Travel Distance Standard Travel Green Travel
10 to 99km 28€ 56€
100 to 499km 211€ 285€
500 to 1999km 309€ 417€
2000 to 2999km 395€ 535€

How to apply:

Please send your application as a PDF file to the NTEU Project Office Team, Ms. Sina Loos: s.loos@uni-bonn.de

After the stay, scholarship holders will be expected to write a testimonial about their experience with NeurotechEU.

NTEU Project Office Team

Ms. Sina Loos


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